An Interesting Perspective

I’m posting a link today to a blog that has what seems to be a common take on church history these days. If you read the top left hand corner of the site you see the phrase “Examing the modern church in light of Christianity 2000 year history”. Then if you click on the link for church history, something seems mysteriously lacking. 1500 years of that very church history! anyway it seems sometimes that some of the more vocal proponents of protecting the historic doctrines of the faith are guilty of the very thing they rail against. the church these days consist of historic orphans who have no idea who their real parents are. They were taken away 500 years ago by the reformers who raised them as their own. Thus our earliest childhood memories only go back as far as Pappa Luther and Uncle Calvin. thoughts?

Old Truth?


2 thoughts on “An Interesting Perspective

  1. Hi Seth:

    Thanks for your interest in my blog. You know, my blog has only been online for 4 or 5 months now. Check back in the months ahead, and Im sure you’ll find plenty about Augustine and some other church fathers. I won’t pretend to be a fan of the “mother church” that inspired the death of men like John Huss however. Had it not been for history like that, there would have been earlier Pappa Luther’s and Uncle Calvin’s that I’d be enthused to write about.


  2. jim,

    i hope i didn’t come off snarky in my comments. if i did, i apologize, and thank you for handling it so well. :) i didn’t realize you’d only been up so short of time. i’m kinda in the same boat, trying to address some of the same issues, but from the other side of the street. though not part of the “mother church”(am i correct in thinking of Rome?) i am part of the eastern church which i know has also had it’s share of probelems. looking forward to seeing what else you have to post from the history of the church. try some chrysotom and st basil.


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