Pontifications: “Saving the Particular – Some Thoughts on Theosis”

Fr. Stephen has some good thoughts on Theosis over at Pontifications. Here’s a sampling:

“One of the stranger aspects of Old Testament stories, are the encounters of the Patriarchs with God (of course, any encounter with God has got to be a bit strange). It always struck me as odd that the Patriarchal encounters were so particular. Abraham never seems to have much to do with God in general. He meets God here or there, has a dream, hears a voice, obeys a command, and the result seems to be an inevitable building of an altar, making a sacrifice, and the sacrifice is offered to God. But here comes the rub – never just to God (El, YHVH, etc.) – but always to “El with a title,” or “YHVH” with a title. Thus there is “El Elyon,” God-Most-High (in the story of Melchisedec), and “YHVH-Jireh,” God-Who-Provides, in the story of the sacrifice of Isaac…”

Read more at catholica.pontification…

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