the evangelical outpost: Reading Between the Lines

Here is some good information from the “evangelical outpost” on reading between the lines of what people say, and what people actually mean.

“Dear Joe,

My girlfriend is driving me nuts. She will never say directly what she means. Instead she beats around the bush and expects me to know what she meant rather than what she said. Why don’t women just say what is on their mind? Are they speaking some foreign language that I’m not aware of? I need some help.A.V.

Dear A.V.,

When asked to rate the qualities they admire most, women often claim to value honesty above all else. This is, of course, rather ironic since honesty is the trait they least tolerate in men. Admitting that, yeah, now that she’s mentioned it, she does look kind of chubby in that dress, will not win a man praise for his integrity. Most likely it will simply lead to a trip to the ER to have a size 8 stiletto removed from the side of his neck.

Women, of course, are smart enough to know that nothing is more detrimental to a relationship than being truthful. Watch them when they are talking to members of their own sex and you’ll see what I mean. Women can barely tolerate one another as it is; if they were to tell each other what they really thought (“Which dog groomer gave you that hairstyle?”) it would be the end of civilization as we know it.While you may not be able to read her mind, you do need to read in between the lines. Here is a brief guide to what people say and what it is they really mean:

“I don’t kiss up to anybody.” — Translation: I’m a tactless jerk.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks.” — Translation: I’m deeply insecure and constantly worry about what everyone thinks of me. …”

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