From Elder Porphyrios

Ah, that's a real treasure. These words are very precious. Theo­phanes is a great poet. The 'height of virtue' is the love of God which is perfect and absolute. 'Punctured': when our soul is 'punctured', when she is wounded by divine longing, the susceptibility of the flesh to the passions withers away. Divine craving defeats every pain, and so every pain is transformed and becomes love of Christ. Love Christ and He will love you. All pains will pass away, they will be defeated and trans­formed. Then everything becomes Christ, Paradise. But in order to live in Paradise, we must first die — die to everything and be as if dead.

Then we will live truly; we will live in Paradise. If we do not first die to our old self nothing happens.

I'm very fond of the poem by Veritis called 'In company with Christ':

I longed to live in company with Christ,
His warming love enclosed within my breast, To open up the strictures of my heart, That loving more, it never love enough.*

That the heart may never love enough! The more wine you drink, the more you want to drink. The more you give yourself to the love of Christ, the more you want to give yourself. We must love Him with all our soul, heart, strength, power and mind. We must plug our heart into His love and be united with Him. That is what the Lord demands, not for Himself out of selfishness, but for us, so that He can give us every­thing — joy and happiness.


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