Barnabas and Scot Mcknight

I'd like to direct your attention to the new blog i have on my friend's list. barnabas is my godfather and i've known him for about three years and have always enjoyed what he has had to say. he currently the media director at "come recieve the light" in ft lauderdale, fl. suffice to say, i am looking forward to reading his comments and thoughts on a regular basis, and i encourage everyone who reads this to do so as well.

on a side note, i know that i haven't updated for a while and that some are impatient for an update (bill). i am currently reading scot mcknight's new book "praying with the church". it's basically a protestant defense for praying with the Church by using the written prayers from the Church's history. it's pretty good so far and i'm looking forward to reviewing it more fully here. as i'm reading i'll probably post some of my favorite parts to water your appetites. that's about it…


2 thoughts on “Barnabas and Scot Mcknight

  1. thanks for the comment jamie. i do check out scot’s blog quite often. i ‘m proud to represent the .8% eastern orthodox that visit. it’s probably me and brad nassif. :) i do hope things are getting better for you.


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