Rediscovering Premodernism in Modern Life

Dan's on day three over at Cerulean Sanctum in his series "Unshakling the Church". Again, if the idea of "crunchy conservatism" sounds good to you, you need to read Dan's series. it's some good stuff. here's a sample from day one post on "the tyranny of modernism".

It was in our last weeks in California that they built the seven houses on the former gas station lot near the corner where we lived. Somehow they put a driveway down the middle of that, too. Einstein would have had all his wackiest theories proven by the way the architects had folded space to make room for seven houses. Seven houses that were nearly touching, but for all that closeness might just as well been on different planets. As we had learned, proximity did not mean neighborliness. A lot of other things were missing, too. The blur of life left everyone panting for something to make life worth living. But in the Valley, what was truly sacramental eluded many.We slave away at jobs that have little meaning so we can buy things that provide no lasting meaning at all.

We willingly severed our connection to the soil from which God first fashioned our original ancestor because soil is dirty and doesn't look good on our Steve Maddens.

We lost God in the blur of a million spurious activities that hold no eternal value.

We do not pray because our televisions and computers bury us under the problems of the entire world, so we don't know where to begin. We don't have the time anyway.

We love the material and tolerate people rather than the other way around.

Our savior died on a rough-hewn cross and rose again, yet many of us who claim His name find our iPods to be more real and the music gracing them more comforting.

We talk about community, but we cannot name our neighbors' children, nor have they ever stepped foot in our home.

Time with the family is rated by quality, not quantity.

And the very things of God that He created for our benefit are forgotten amid the hustle—and cheapness—of modern life.

It's disheartening. But it doesn't have to be this way. We don't have to lie down and accept this as the only way to live. Yet so many Christians, the ones who hold the breath of God in their spirits, are all too willing to join the world's parade when confronted with the discordant times we live in. Need I remind us, the Church was not founded on "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

What's needed are people who understand that the simple ways we abandoned in our rush to modernity have meaning because God Himself gave them meaning. Lose them and we lose part of the eternity He placed in our hearts.


4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Premodernism in Modern Life

  1. Good grief, Seth. The pic took a long time to load, so it hadn’t shown up before I started writing. It’s almost eerie how close it is to what I saw on that lot, although the houses in your pic have a tad more style than the featureless stuccoed ones I saw.

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