Zach Braff’s new site

i am a zach braff fan. i admit it. him and the wilson brothers are my comedic heroes. and the thing with zach is that he always has a story to tell. on tv there was scrubs, a personal favorite since it's beginnings and on the big screen there was garden state, one of my all time favorite films. well, now zach is invading the web. his site's set up nicely (except for the weird "come hither" pic on the top-little creepy) and has the first peek of his new movie "Last Kiss". what's best about the site is the promise of good things to come:

You won't find any galleries or wallpapers, it's not really that kind of site. It's gonna be about music and photography and film and most importantly: laughing.

That sounds like my place to visit. check it out: zach braff


3 thoughts on “Zach Braff’s new site

  1. consider yourself reaffirmed, my orthodox friend. our orthodox friend. our corner pub and cloves friend. too seldom you venture to the north country and we to the hot spots. saturday night it shall be.

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