2 thoughts on “A Quote for the day…

  1. you and your quotes. its a great one. i’m working on an article that has to do with the sacrament of community and meals. i would love to get your thoughts on it when i post it.

    and thanks for your comment on my post. i’ll try to develop my position a little more in the coming days. your 2nd paragraph was great.

    do you just have a quote book laying around?

  2. i’d love to talk more about community since it’s a subject i’ve been thinking and kinda refining in my mind for the last couple of months. there’s this collosal interconectedness to all these ideas that blows my mind. i really try to understand how it all connects, and i know it does, but it’s on the fringe of my conscience. the brass ring if you will.

    anywho…thanks for dropping by my loyal reader and friend. looking forward to more discussion at your site and in person. which reminds me, what times dinner on saturday?

    and all quotes come from dilligent research as that i have nothing better to do at work.

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