Here's a nice article on Confession and Assurance found over at "":

One thing I remember hearing fairly often when I was a Protestant was sermons and teachings assuring us that we all had assurance of salvation. Unlike the Catholics, we were told, who were stuck perpetually in that fearful state of uncertainty about their status before God, Protestants could know that they were saved. They knew that they were saved and it was that solid kind of knowledge that you could take to the bank, not that wishy-washy, think-you-know, kind of knowledge: not only did you know, but you knew that you knew. You probably even knew that you knew you knew. Even so, it was apparently the kind of knowledge that people tended to forget they knew, even when they wanted desperately to remember that they knew it. I mention this because I went to confession last Saturday. It was a quickie: there was nothing I needed advice on or counsel regarding. I just mentioned the most significant ways I had sinned against God in the previous three weeks, asked God to forgive me, and Fr. Albert gave me absolution and told me to go in peace: my sins were forgiven.

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