Love Stays

A poem from Marie clair at ragamuffin diva.

visit her site, she has some great stuff.
"Love Stays
(a paraphrase of 1 Cor. 13:1-7)

If the words I write
broke the hearts of men,
and staggered angels
and I did not love
I am mere noise, needing
grace to silence me.

And if my prophecies, opened
the fragrant bud of mystery
and my faith, made mountains bow
and leap, and I did not love
what is the use of me?

If I emptied myself of myself,
and gave all I had to the poor,
and if I yielded flesh to fire
willingly, and on my knees
and I did not love
I should be pitied for my poverty.

Love stays.

Love cares for others more.
Love doesn’t ask for
what is not for love.
Love bows,
and love gives way.

Love doesn’t think too highly
of itself, nor does love
violate. Love doesn’t insist
that it has it’s way.

It doesn’t remember sins.
Love doesn’t make you beg.

It just lets it go.

Love loves when truth blossoms
like lilacs and gardenias
swollen with scents
sweet as a mercy

Love allows.

Trusts Abba always.

Love opens wide eyes
to see the best
and shuts them tight
to what is behind us;
It doesn’t comprehend
the past.

Love never,

Like God,
love stays."


2 thoughts on “Love Stays

  1. Yay! Derek Webb made it on your links. Good times. Thanks for joining us the other night, it was great to see our friend again. Let’s not wait so long next time. Maybe we’ll get together over some Teavana?

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