How the Poor are Always with Us

When I first was looking into Orthodoxy, I was also at the time very interested in working with the homeless.  I had just finished reading John Grisham’s “The Street Lawyer” and that book, more than anything else, introduced me to the plight of the homeless and their need for a voice.  When I started visiting St John’s in Atlanta, I also started volunteering at their homeless program called “Loaves and Fishes”.  Thus I was introduced to a homeless face as well as how Orthodox in Atlanta intereact with said face.

As the years have progressed, I’ve had more than my share of intereactions with the homeless and poor.  But the things that I still struggle with is my relationship to them.  I know a lot of them and I know their story, and most of the time I am more than happy to help them with whatever they need.  But if it means me taking time out of my life, it all of a sudden becomes a lot harder.  i’m selfish that way.  So it is my continuing desire to step out of my comfort zone, scratch that, it’s more of my selfish zone.  the need for continual repentence is there.  along these lines i discovered a great blog that deals with social issues from an Orthodox perspective.  The author calls himself Sampson, after the great Saint Sampson the Hospitable.  Reading his posts have re-awakend in me a desire to re-evaluate my own realtionship with the poor and homeless that I know.  This post as well as D10’s has also started to stri the thinking pot of my brain cell’s on various projects I want to start.  Anyway take some time and give Sampson over at Guerilla Orthodoxy some love and read his post on why

The Poor Talk Too Much


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