D’10 is my hero

for a while now i’ve been inexplicably locked out of my wordpress.  but thanks to the genius of D10, i’ve finally been able to log back in.  i’ve been doing some thinking about this blog and what i wanted to do with it.  i decided that i’m going to change the tone ever so slightly.  instead of writing my own thoughts, i’m going to seek to make this more of a place to find interesting things to read throughout the web.  a clearing house of sorts.  this will mainly consisit of Orthodox items, but will also pertain to articles with that i think contain an Orthodox mindset or Orthodox heart.  i think this change is going to be good, mainly because i’m not a writer.  i wish i was.  but i do like to read other people’s thoughts.  anywho…check out d10’s blog.  he writes some good things, and he deserves a much needed shout out for getting me out of the quagmire of my word press funk.

2 thoughts on “D’10 is my hero

  1. umm…the road is paved with good intentions? hmmm…well, it worked and the fact that you took the time to give me a suggestion at all brings warm fuzzies into my stomach. :)

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