Free Mp3’s from the St Vlad’s Summer Institute

St Vlad’s Summer Institute series “An End to All Endings” is available for free download at the SVS website. This would be a good oppurtunity to exam what Orthodoxy believes regarding Life and Death. You can find the complete series at SVS. Also, if you’re in the Atlanta area, the local chapter of OCAMPR is having an end of life conference on August 18-19. For more info go to the ICON website.


2 thoughts on “Free Mp3’s from the St Vlad’s Summer Institute

  1. Seth! Nice to e-meet you!
    I tend to hermit myself within the confines of my bookmarks but thanks to bold bloggers like yourself my circle gets bigger ever so slightly. Thank you, thank you. (however did you find my blog?)

    And thank you for your comment!! You clearly know where i’m at…the tension btwn being drawn into something deep and the hesitation that stalls one at the edge. I’m looking forward to spending some good time reading through your posts! You have done a great job recording your story, your journey and i found it very valuable! My story…i’ll compose something concise and TRY and make it sound more interesting than it really is. :)

  2. everytime i see your username i tend to think it’s me. my blogger id is ransompd, after the character in lewis’s space trilogy. anywho…i found your website via technorati, looking for interesting orthodox posts to link to. you make my story sound like it’s more intersting than it is. and i thank you for that. it makes me feel re-affirmed. :) the fear of the unknown is always hard to dive into. it has that irresistable tug, but you know the leap is huge. but in the end, it’s worth it. the tools that orthodoxy brings to the faith are great and numerous. it make life easier and harder at the same time. anyway, nice meeting you as well, and i look forward to conversing with you more!

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