Orthodox Distinctives

ransom over at saturated spaces has been looking into Orthodoxy lately.  It’s a difficult journey that’s sometimes is quite painful.  but as she stated in her last post,

Regardless where i decide to go with this i can’t deny that i’ve learned too much to be content where i am.

Once you get to a certain point you realize that’s there’s no going back.  the proverbial blue pill if you will. :)  anywho… here’s some things that are nice about Orthodoxy featured from the Christian Century,  May 18, 2004 article featuring Eastern Orthodoxy.
There are good reasons why Western Christians have difficulty communicating with Orthodox Christians, says Ellen Cherry.

**The East had no Pelagian controversy, so the Orthodox could pursue the perfection of monasticism unhindered;

**Theology never became scholasticized there, so they don’t have the West’s preoccupation with theological method:

**They experienced no reformation, so doctrinal differences are not for them the engine that drives institutional maintenance;

**They never had to confront modernity, so doubt about God never shook their theological verities.

**Salvation for the Orthodox was never seen as an individualistic escape from hell, but as participation in God’s restoration of the world, just as it had been understood in the patristic era.

**Orthodox theology is not captive to the academy; it is directed toward the life of the church, especially prayer and worship.

**Without having gone through the Enlightenment, the Orthodox are more confident about the human possibility of knowing and obeying God, and of God’s restoration of the world (Theology Today, April).

4 thoughts on “Orthodox Distinctives

  1. Definitely some generalized statements, but worth considering nonetheless. I read the post on -ransom’s- site and commented there. It is always interesting to read about other people’s journeys.

  2. Dr. Elwin Ransom…There are only 3 people in this world who have called me on my “name” (which is also the name of my studio) and you’re one. (the others are my dad, who i shouldn’t count b/c he raised us on Lewis, and this fine sojourner, http://www.xanga.com/kfeenstra)

    And in regards to the above, VERY, VERY interesting points! I have very little (er, nothing) i can contribute but want to review them more.

  3. joe,

    it is very generalized but i think it approaches the concept of the different mindset that’s in easterndom. the languages spoken become different.


    that’s most excellent! i went with ransompd for the pendragon in “that hid. strength”. but most people ask if it meant “ransom paid”. which drives me nutters. i’m looking forward to your next post from joe’s comment at your site. :)

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