When Bad Things Aren’t Supposed to Happen

John Kapasalis has a good article on why we have suffering in the Christian life over at Orthodoxy Today:

Sometimes God feels horribly silent. Distant. Absent. Our prayers feel like they vanish into doubt even before you utter the words. Is God really faithful? Sometimes we feel like John the Baptist who while rotting in prison waiting desperately for Christ to rescue him, finally sends a message to Jesus asking, “are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Matthew 11:3 HCSB). When life happens, it is easy to cry out in despair like Gregory of Nazianzen did with the words: “Christ is sleeping.” In our dark moments we can lose hope and doubt our faith in a sovereign, in-control God. Instead, we complain and vent that had God come sooner to our aid we would not have lost our child to, say, a violent death for example.

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HT: Orthodoxy Today


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