30 Days and the Immigration Issue

If your not familiar with this little gem of a reality show, i want to heartily endorse it to you. This show comes from the Academy Award nominee mind of Morgan Spurlock ( of Super Size Me fame ). In it Morgan explore’s what life changing experiences are possible in 30 days. The concept for the show stemmed from the transformation Spurlock underwent when he ate nothing but fast food for 30 days in his movie Super Size Me . In this new FX series, Morgan Spurlock asks the question, what would happen if people spend 30 days living in someone else’s shoes?

The following episode is free on itunes. And i must say, it’s a really good one on the immigration issue in the US. The episode eventually leaves politics aside and humanizes and puts faces to those on both sides of the debate.

The following is a brief description of the episode. download it, you won’t regret it.

30 Days

Frank George is a member of the Minutemen, a citizen’s volunteer group that patrols the country’s borders. Like all Minutemen, Frank holds staunch anti-illegal immigration views, as he and his family legally immigrated from Cuba to Miami when Frank was 7 years old. He will live with a Mexican family of mixed status in a onebedroom apartment in Los Angeles, and will work side by side with the father as a handyman.

4 thoughts on “30 Days and the Immigration Issue

  1. oooh!!! i want to see this one! how do i get it off itunes? i just got an ipod and i am still figuring all this stuff out . . .

    my friend lives in arizona and volunteers with “no more death” that gives humanitarian aid to people trying to cross the borders . . . he has amazing stories.

  2. if you have itunes on your computer, just click on the link provided and it should go directly to it for downloading.

    it’s an awesome episode. i shed a solitary man-tear while watching it.

  3. dude, it was bleeping amazing. anna and i just wathced in we both cried twice. how is that even possible in 45 minutes. you can’t build momentum in that time. are you kidding me?

  4. i told ya! i’m so wanting to watch the first season now. and i think the show did a brilliant job of showing a different side of the issue. most of the time all we see are the crowds and here the politicians. once you see it personaly, it’s a different story. or at least a more human one.

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