Orthodoxy in Post-Modern Pluralistic Societies

For you philisophical postmodern nuts, here’s something from Fr Thomas Hopko from the St Vlad’s website on Orthodoxy and how it relates to a postmodern world

here’s a tidbit:

This new universe of thought, discourse and behavior is the direct result of modern secularized society’s reduction of Christianity to a privatized, compartmentalized “religion” so brilliantly criticized by Fr. Alexander Schmemann whose writings can still be read with great profit, especially in post-Marxist societies. It is a transmutation of the Judeo-Christian worldview and experience far beyond anything even remotely imagined by Fr. Georges Florovsky (among many others) in his critique of heterodox “pseudomorphoses” of Orthodoxy. In modern secularized society, the language, structures, symbols and rites of classical, biblical Christianity remain, while their content and meaning are radically altered. In the post-modern “deconstruction” of the modern worldview — by way of radical personal and cultural existentialism, the sexual revolution, the mystical quest, the politicization of theology and ethics, and the explosion of material and spiritual hedonism and avarice — traditional language, structures, symbols and rites are recreated to the point where their original content and meaning no longer remain at all, but are replaced by a whole new reconstruction of reality.

Read the rest here:


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