Racial Profiling and Terroism

Rod Dreher writes a slightly inflammatory (if defined by the comments section) commentary on why he agrees with racial profiling for muslims and those of arab and asian ethnicities. By posting this, I’m not saying I’m pro or con. It’s frankly a complicated issue that has a lot of different sides to it. I was just wondering if it would provoke any conversation. Is there a way as Christians we should respond? eeash… i don’t know.

From the Blog:

“It happens to be the case that the kinds of terrorists we have to fear are always Muslims, and usually Arabs or South Asians. We’re not supposed to notice this, but everybody knows it’s true, and by this point, surely we can dispense with the political correctness and deal with reality.”

Read the rest of teh commentary as well as the comments section at Crunchy Cons blog.

One thought on “Racial Profiling and Terroism

  1. Eep! i don’t know either. I am one who acknowledges truths behind stereotypes but i’m sober to the fact that they also tend to be gross generalizations that must NEVER get in the way of me loving on my neighbour.

    As far as the practical benefits of screening a minority is concerned i agree that it doesn’t take a genius to skirt that hindrance.

    I don’t think there is an unoffensive way to suspect anyone of anything. We live in a fallen world that we are ALL a part of…that we ALL contribute to, and as a consequence we all must participate in the discomforts that make it safer. I say screen us all. Cop-out response? Perhaps. Impractical? Absolutely. I’m not known for my problem-solving skills.

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