Seraphim on “Foolish is as Foolish Does”

Seraphim has a great post on Pride and Condemning others over at the Ancient Church site. Here’s a tidbit:

I know that there is a tendency among religious people of any stripe to condemn sin, and it should be condemned. Sometimes I wonder, though, whether we are the ones to do the condemnation of the sins of others. St. Paul told us not to concern ourselves with the sins of those outside the Church, that they were not our problem. For those inside the Church, there are very specific ways to deal with problems, none of which involve big confrontations involving whole mobs of people. In the Orthodox Church, more often than not, chronic sin is a job for the priest to address one on one, and sometimes people are denied communion or otherwise disciplined. But that is for the priest and the bishop to address. For the rest of us, there is no room for condemnation, no room for finger pointing. Indeed, there is a certain element of pride when we attack the sins of others. Since when did God need our help to convict a sinner?

What is our task? Pray for the sinner. Shelter the wounded. Love those who are hurt. And most important, never forget our owns sins trailing behind us.

Read the rest at Seraphim’s site

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