iamjoshbrown’s Friend

My good buddy Josh is celebrating his 4 years of blogging. So any of you who aren’t coming from his site to mine, please go and visit him. He usually has some good things to say.

**Update**He’s also having a contest that i am now fixated to win. yesterday i didn’t care so much. but today, seeing my name in 3rd place turned up the fire in my competitive spirit. don’t know why. so here’s the deal. if i win this contest i will give three of the four custom blogger headings to the top three people who who get the most people to visit my site and then get referred to josh’s site from mine. so let’s get to it people. time to network!

PS: click on any link to get to Josh’s site.


2 thoughts on “iamjoshbrown’s Friend

  1. i mean not that i mind you pimping me out. but i did already promise to do you a header that i haven’t forgotten about before all this started. so technically, i’ll still hook you up.

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