Some More Wisdom from Mother Gavrilla

    One cannot love without suffering. The greatest pain is that of loving to the utmost. Christ loved so much that He gave Himself up to a terrible death. The saints too. Paradise always costs this price. Prayer for the world is the fruit of extremely deep and acute suffering.

    Mother Gavrilia Papayanni

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3 thoughts on “Some More Wisdom from Mother Gavrilla

  1. I am currently reading the book about Mother Gavrilia – Ascetic of Love. It is just amazing and inspiring to read of someone who so selflessly loved God and her fellow man, completely giving all of herself in faith and joy.

  2. I read the book “The Ascetic of Love” and is so inspiring!!
    May Blessed Gerondissa Gavrillia Papayannis pray for me a Sinner,that we may at last acquire this selfless way of loving others!

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