Ray LaMontagne

For those who haven’t heard this gentleman before, I’m begging you to check him out. I first heard his song “Hold You In My Arms” from the Zack Braff (of Garden State, Scrubs fame) compilation from his new movie “The Last Kiss“. What I heard was enough to peak my curiosity. I bought the entire album “Trouble” and have loved every second of it so far. For a sample of his music go to either the itunes store, his home page, or his myspace music page. You won’t regret it. Also visit this site for the heck of it.

One thought on “Ray LaMontagne

  1. […] I cannot stress enough how much i’m enjoying Ray.  So if i didn’t convince you to check him out at my previous post, maybe this one will.  I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS has two albums of previously unrealeased music available for free download at her site.  So there, you have no excuse.  Download the albums, then go buy “Trouble”.  Then pre-order  “Till the Sun Goes Black. […]

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