My List of Things

I decided I wanted to get serious about trying to do some of the things on my life list. Number one is in March. anyone got anything they’ve always wanted to do?

1. run a marathon

2. camping in Ireland

3. walking in an old eastern European city with the snow falling around me and the sound of distant church bells in the distance

4. coffe at dawn in the Serengeti

5. sleeping under a huge sky that’s lit up with stars

6. driving at night along the coast in a convertible with the top down

7. spending an evening with family and friends on a rooftop patio and a south American country, smoking cigars, drinking beer and listening to meringue music.

8. sleep in a hammock on an empty island in the Caribbean

10. go sailing

11. fly in a hot air balloon at night over the clouds

12. find the perfect waterfall

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