Orthodoxy and Dichotomies

Martin at Facing East has a nice post on Orthodoxy and life Christian dichotomies.  Here’s a sample:

The view of reality that has been traditionally passed-down from the early church (from before 1500 A.D.) emphasizes the transformational as well as the redemptive dimension of the Incarnation of Christ.

The Orthodox view of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ is that these events together resulted in the full restoration of mankind and all of creation to unity with God.

One simple example of this understanding can be seen in the Eastern Orthodox teaching on the baptism of Christ, where the descent of Christ into the water is not only for our example but also for the purification of the water. Therefore from that moment on water becomes a vehicle for our purification.

The concept, broadly speaking, is that Christ, being both a fully human man, and fully God brought the two worlds (secular and spiritual) together. In Eastern Orthodox Christianity then, the dichotomy is no longer between the secular and the spiritual, but between good and evil, or light and dark.

So, before the incarnation, worship was relegated to a period of time. After the incarnation it became a way of life – an attitude or intent of the heart.

Read the rest at Facing East


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