Blog-Celebrity Deathmatch

Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost has noticed something i’ve been noticing myself a lot lately. This weird idea of what it means to promote Christian masculinity. One of the most vocal proponents has been Mark Driscoll. Joe redirects to what i believe is the crux of the issue:

In fact, the type of men that Driscoll seems to admire most – wrestlers, “ultimate fighters” – are the very antithesis of Biblical masculinity. During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus praised the “meek” a word that in the Greek is used in reference to a “tame” wild animal. The lion, for instance, is able to lay down with the lamb precisely because he is not given over to his hyper-aggressive nature.  Indeed, when Jesus talks about his followers he often refers to them as “sheep” – creatures that aren’t known for their ferocity. And when he gave the nickname “Sons of Thunder” to two of his disciplies, it wasn’t exactly high praise for their obnoxious brand of masculinity. It is difficult to square the Jesus of the Gospels with the hyper-masculine ideal that Driscoll and many others seem to hold. It takes an incredible leap of logic to conclude that since Jesus was a carpenter he would have enjoyed ‘Rassling.*


i understand what driscoll is trying to do, but it often feels like extremes.

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Iron Jesus and the “Masculinization” of the Church


4 thoughts on “Blog-Celebrity Deathmatch

  1. Mr. Driscoll seems to like extremes. I listen to his podcast. He’s a funny guy…a pretty engaging speaker. But there is something about his extremes that weigh in more as comic relief than convincing calls for change. He isn’t explaining WHY a man should be “manly”. There’s never a definition, only jokes. He implies but that’s all. i think there are better ways to encourage men to walk tall. Narrowing it down to pickup trucks, dirty socks, bacon, etc. must touch a nerve if none of those things appeal to your own sense of masculinity. Some of the men i admire and trust the most do not fit that bill. Rather their inner character, their sense of security, their confidence and how they trust in God makes them men…makes them competant and worthy of respect. i know that Driscoll would never argue with that but i do wish that he softened the edges of some of his points.

    poor peachers get it from every angle, eh?

    anyhow, through linking to links linked by links i found this point:

    ‘…he is a “manly man” because that is who God made him to be, not who God made every man to be. And he recognizes that different situations call for different aspects of any man’s character — he speaks with equal reverence and admiration for the Jesus who wielded a whip to drive the moneychangers from the temple and the Jesus who wept over Jerusalem.’

    amen brother. Men have to deal with enough as it is. Let them just BEEEEEE!!

  2. ransom(what’s your real name anyway? you never answered the comment i left on your jun 13th post),

    great thoughts! one of my biggest probs when driscoll’s line of thinking is that it leads to this idea that “real men are made of stone and don’t talk about their girly feelings”. the issue is that you need to talk about your feelings. well that does sound a little girly, but the idea i’m specifically thinking of is confession. Confession to your priest if your Ortho or Catholic, to a close friend or mentor if your not. without “getting in touch with your feelings” you tend not to be touched by your sin. and you miss out on the joy of repentence. plus there’s no growth into the likeness of Christ.

    the other thing is that Driscoll puts up this false cardboard Jesus a lot of time. Jesus didn’t love wrestling. Sure he was a outdoor carpenter. but he was moved with compassion more times than i can count. peter wept over his betrayal. anywho, i think i’m rambling…

  3. Ramble on!
    Whoa! Had not even thought about confession! It’s heartbreaking! Confessing requires of anyone so much more strength and grit than living in “a cave” (rumour has it that’s what the mars/venus guy calls a man’s mind). Confession, like all the disciplines, exhibit the qualities most respected in men…and by men too. And those disciplines take on a feminine nature when practiced by women.

    Inner peace…security from being Christ’s own nullifies our “need” to be something more than what we are. Jesus fills all the spaces. People want to be with people who are REAL.

    Besides, beer and bean dip clog arteries. What’s so manly about cardiac arrest?

  4. oh right. my real name is Andrea. i guess it’s not on my blog is it. most of my blog-contacts i know are from outside the blogosphere…the REAL world, as it were…so i never think of putting anything in my profile.
    I should write a little bio like yours! (emphasis on the word “little”…i can be long-winded)

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