Dallas Willard’s Diagnosis Part Deux

i previously posted an excerpt from a recent Christianity article.  Well, they’ve now posted the entire article for you perusing enjoyment.

So what to do?

The first thing to do is to trust our Christian friends who have died with Jesus Christ when they tell us it’s going to be okay if we do it, too. This, in my judgment, is one of the greatest services offered to the church by our Christian friend Dallas Willard. He is a brilliant, modest, immensely experienced Christian older brother, calling to us from the Resurrection side of things. His books all call out, in one way or another: Come on over. It’s going to be okay to die first. You have to do it, and you can do it. Not even Jesus got a resurrection without a death, and he’ll be at your side when you surrender your old life. Trust me on this. If you die with Jesus Christ, God will walk you out of your tomb into a life of incomparable joy and purpose inside his boundless and competent love.

Read the Rest:

Dr. Willard’s Diagnosis

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A Divine Conspirator


4 thoughts on “Dallas Willard’s Diagnosis Part Deux

  1. it really is great. the idea of dying to me brings the same feelings of bungee cord jumping. standing at the edge, knowing that it will be fine, and just jumping. that jumping the hard part.

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