The Office Season Premiere




In case you missed it, or are just dying to see it again, here it is in all it’s YouTube glory:

The Office Premier Part I

The Office Premiere Part II

The Office Premiere Part III


7 thoughts on “The Office Season Premiere

  1. zac,

    it is indeed going to be a great season. though i actually like having jim in the other office. ed helms’ character is great.


    for shame! you HAVE to start with season one. you technically shouldn’t even be allowed to watch season three yet. it gives everything away. but drop everything your doing now AND GO WATCH SEASON 1 AND 2. If you have to get it off itunes. But get it !

  2. Thanks a lot for posting the season premiere, for those of us who missed it when it was aired. That was one of the best episodes yet!!

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