sampson on saddam…

we seem to be living in a culture that’s obsessed with revenge. it’s often times marketed in our movies, tv shows, and books as one of the greatest virtues. when i heard about saddam’s death, it felt that way again. sampson over at guerilla orthodoxy has a great post on why loving our enemeies is more powerful and the better virtue than revenge over them…

What might have happened if we had loved Saddam? What if, instead of breaking his neck with a rope, we had kept him alive in a place where he could do no further harm to others or himself, treated him humanely, allowed him to read, and offered him access to moderate Muslim clergy? Might he eventually have recognized the horror of his actions? Might he one day have repented? Yes, I know this is a one in a million chance, but such things do happen. A change in Saddam would have a chance of bringing about change in Iraq; then he might indeed have become a symbol of a new chapter in the country’s history. Now, he is merely a symbol of the fact that the Shiites are executing Sunnis, instead of Sunnis executing Shiites.

Every person who commits acts of great evil contains within himself or herself the key to understanding that evil, and so to redeeming, transforming, and healing it. When we kill that person, the key is lost forever.

Go and read the whole article here…

One thought on “sampson on saddam…

  1. I don’t think Saddam should have been exicuted but he was and he was exicuted for a reason and the reason was not “revenge”. People are not sentanced to prision for “revenge” nor are the put to death legally for “revenge”. They are put to death as punnishment for the wrongs they have done. I don’t agree with this method but I’m feeling argumentative. Revenge in this case seems like and unfortunate choice of words that produce an inaccurate emotional responce the responce of a victim. When your pulled over for speeding the cop is doing his job to inforce the law not taking revenge on you. “Revenge” is a good word to use from victims perspective. For instance I don’t know why those spiteful cops keep harrassing me for speeding. I don’t know what I did to them they must just have it out for me. To summarize which I should have done a long time ago. Saddam killed a bunch of people, real men, women, and children and that is precicly why he was hung. For further example cunsult the Old Testament for the difference between revenge and capatol punishment.

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