to love something is to truly see it…

i’ve been thinking a lot about love.  today i was reading Metropoitan Anthony Bloom’s Courage to Pray and he shared the following ilustration of love:

And for this we must love.  However little, we must love.  Charles Williams in the same book All Hallows Eve which I quoted above, describes on the first page the soul of his dead heroine on one of the bridges of London where she died.  She sees nothing but herself, the point at which her feet touch the ground and the aeroplane which crashed and killed her.  She sees nothing because her heart is attached to nothing.  She sees an empty bridge when in fact it is crowded with pedestrians, all the time.  On either bank of the Thames she sees houses, but as walls with gloomy eyes, windows which light up and go dark again , but meaninglessly.  She has no key to the world around her because she has never  loved anything and is a stranger here.  Suddenly her husband, now her widower walks over the bridge.  They see each other, he because he loves her and he bears her in his heart, weeps for her and seeks her in the invisible world, she because he is the only  person she ever loved in her poor selfish way.  He is the only person she can see.  She sees him.  He goes on.  But her heart has stirred and through her husband she remembers her world, husband, their home and friends.  And gradually, through this love she begins to discover the world she lived in without  knowing it and at the same time the new vast world she has just entered.  These two worlds interpenetrate in the co inherence which is Charles Williams particular philosophical theory.  For we only see what we love.  We think we see what we hate, but really in our hatred we see only deformed images, caricatures.  And indifference and lukewarmness are blind.

i really like this thought.  and it leaves me much to chew on.

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