saturday night

 a wee bit of a personal post.  my godfather was in town speaking at the Cathedral over the weekend.  so all his godchildren got together to make our pilgrimage to Fado Irish Pub to give our drink offerings as well as burnt.  Before we headed out i had a wee bit of bread pudding (my absolutely fav dessert)  i shall miss it during lent.  but it was a good time one and all.  and as barnabas said, now is the only time we got.  yesterday is gone forever, and tomorrow isn’t here.  this moment is the only one guarenteed and we should learn to live in the eternalness of the moment.  well anywho…some pics:


 my bread pudding.  not much to look at, but sooooooo good to eat

steve and barnabas offering up their burnt offering

 barnabas and steve

smoking the stogie

 me with my typical cool air.  natalie’s in the background.




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