a personal post part deux: thoughts on vancouver


(andrea, me, derek. kady is taking the pic.)

Prepare for stream of consciences:

This week I learned God likes to throw curve balls. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point in life, but I constantly am. This trip to Vancouver was easily one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot of myself, and developed friendships I would have never had. And that amazes me. Friends I now have that I would never have had if I didn’t come up. Places that I would have never seen. Experiences I would have never shared. Feelings I would never have felt. And jim taylor is now playing on the xm radio station on the plane. Life’s good.

Been thinking about next moves in life. It’s a weird place to be in. I’ve been accepted into seminary and that’s certainly an option. But right now, right here, 30000 miles over the us, I’m not sure that’s where I want or need to be this year. I’m thinking more extensively, more expansively… I think I’ve been way to comfortable lately. And I think if there is one thing I learned from Vancouver, it’s ok (and sometimes the best thing that can happen) to step outside comfort. To take a risk and see what happens, even if the results aren’t what you hoped they’d be. Cause it’s in the struggle, the suffering (though that seems like an extreme word to apply to my life) that transformation is found. I see myself for who I am when I stumble into situations that are hard. I see where my faith lies, or doesn’t. and I can seek change. And the best thing is to see what God then brings into your life. Like an amazing friend. (and through that friend-more amazing friends). Life has all of a sudden become that much more enriched. That much better because I’ve extended my community.

Random Thoughts:

You do the next thing,. then the next. life is found in living.

Moms are great.

I am soooo blessed with great friends at home.

I like peeling grapefruits.

I love the smell of the ocean.

Never fly on an empty stomach, and right behind that, projectile vomit is never cool.

Snow capped mountains are amazing from 33000. That’s purely random, but must not go left unsaid.

Things I loved in Vancouver

1. Camping in tofino (minus tents :) ), great conversations, beautiful scenery, endor, the most wonderful trees, ferry rides, heart stories, feeling strong feeling toward nature and weather that felt whole, whale watching from the zodiac: humpbacks, grays, 5 foot swells, roy henry vickers storytelling, cold hands, salt spray, sea sickness, the wild pacific, peppermint tea with Australians, bison burgers (that never get eaten).

2. Battlestar Galactica tour with great new friends: caprica!, the alibi room, good beer, great food, smokes in the rain under the canopy, poutine!, beach games, Cyclonians

3. Trailblazing in lynn canyon-deep canyon water, suspension bridge, rock hurling contests, the beaten path, cheerleaders, mr stumpy treehousen, jumping fences, talks of fangorn.

4. Pizza and blade runner-with milk and long laughs and talks with strangers who became quick friends, music swapping, snobby dogs, potato gardens

5. Theatre sports: complete with saboteurs and dustin hoffman look-alikes, caravanning, Walkie talkies: mating goose, dirty blogger, roger-roger, speeding down the interstate, cars that unlock with your fingerprints, backstreet boys

6. tea time in the mornings with cherise

7. Homemade tuque!, train ride down the coast, Jackie the student applying for the seattle times, the retired Canadians imparting life advice as they travel north america, drinking beer with friends in seattle,

8. Seattle: walking tour of seattle, hitchhiking, the waterfront, pike place market, the moore, lisa gerrard, pirates walking out of subway, meeting wesley the indie rocker girl at the hole in the wall bar and sharing drinks and fries as we talked of our love of music, and her novel, the couple next to me at lisa gerrard who tried to convince me to come to the hot clubs after the show, as we sought to spot vampires, being “bus-stupid” by being oblivious to my route and instead of going to the airport, going to the university of Washington. Meeting nice people on the bus, who basically hold my hand as they pity the poor confused southern boy on the big city bus.

People I love from Vancouver:


Thanks to everyone for making me feel at home, and part of a bigger family…

I just realized the beautiful grapefruit I bought at pike’s market is still in my backpack. I hope it’s ok.


3 thoughts on “a personal post part deux: thoughts on vancouver

  1. Congrats on being accepted to svots! Fr. Chad Hatfield is a great guy. Whatever you do, all my best.
    Christ is in our midst!
    the handmaid,

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