a personal post: part tres-kayaking the mighty chatahoochee

The last couple of days I got to visit with my good friends josh and anna up in the far off lands of northeast Georgia. We had a good ole time. Some of the highlights:

Day one:
Lots of beer
Hitting some sweet riffs of “sweet child of mine” and “freebird” on guitar hero
Azzio’s pizza and the guy the manager who was just a little too nice. (joey? I still don’t get it)
Ocean’s 13: it’s always fun to watch george, brad, matt, don, and bernie having a good time
Josh and me discussing our mutual existential crises
Smoking pipes in the evening on the porch

Day Two:
Sleeping in
Deciding to go hiking in the north georgia mountains
Spontaneously deciding to go kayaking down the river as we passed a sign instead
Having second thoughts when we found out how cold the water was
Enjoying a lazy day on the river
Tipping on the river, losing a flip-flop, going into shock, cursing the gods
Enjoying the rest of the river
Eating bbq at the “dam restaurant”.
Hitting my head on ladder sticking out from the back of a truck
Driving home, racing the thunderstorm and listening to Matthew Perryman Jones.

All in all, a good start to the week.

josh thought i needed to post pics of my latest scar-to-be. he thought it would be a lot better than a bunch of quotes from desert fathers. i decided to appease him:


a more side-line-ian view:


edit: as josh so forthrightly reminded me. other hightlights:

losing my sunglasses to Chatune: god of the river

us going over some great status line for facebook. ultimately wishing that someone would send me an application for facebook that would allow me to mentally change my status, wherever i am, doing whatever i’m doing. instead of all the other apps they send. and i truly do believe i hate facebook groups. but i do love to join them and then leave them.

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