a personal post: nightime


running tonight was one of the best things i’ve done in a while. the air itself feels quiet. the stars (at least the ones you can see living in the city) are out and the moon is bright. the lampposts in the park illuminate the next steps. the album leaf is playing in my ears as my gait changes based on the song being played. but i can feel my whole body start to work together. i feel my heart beating in rhythm with my breathing, which syncs with my pace. the pain in the side is ignored as i hit that stride and i feel like i can run forever.

it’s times like this that i adore the nightime. most nights i just take a walk around the block, eventually arriving at one of my favorite spots to sit, a bench shaped rock in the middle of the brick sidewalk. i have no idea where it came from. but it’s nice. i sit there and light up a clove, watching the  smoke rise and wisp as the breeze take it along. i’ll stay there for what seems like forever, alternately listening to matthew perryman jones, and listening to just the sounds of the night. but it’s in these moments, that i find the time and place to slow everything down. to stop worrying about what’s next. to leave the stress behind and be grateful for what i’ve been given. to find a certain amount of peace in my storm. i don’t know. it’s a good place to be…


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