st issac is my favorite

i was catching up on fr honeycutt’s blog and ran across these quotes by st isaac of nineveh. i’ll run the risk of sounding corny, but these quotes went straight to my soul. they were much needed:

If you believe firmly that God cares for you, then you do not need to worry about the body, nor need you be concerned about discovering ways how to conduct your life. If, however, you doubt God’s care, and want to look after yourself without God, then you are the most miserable person imaginable.

There are people who are continually making clever plans, but who never get down to beginning on them.

Commence every good action wholeheartedly. Do not approach it “with two hearts” (Ben Sira 1 :28). As you travel through life, do not let your heart doubt about the hope that God’s grace provides, otherwise your toil will be in vain and the labour of your work will weigh heavily upon you. Rather, have faith in your heart that God is compassionate, and to those who ask Him He gives His grace — not in accord with our work, but corresponding to the love in our souls and our faith in Him. “As you have believed, so it shall be to you” (Matthew 9:29).

Begin on every action that is for God’s sake joyfully.

Just as the sun’s rays are sometimes hidden from the earth by thick cloud, so for a while a person may be deprived of spiritual comfort and of grace’s brightness: this is caused by the cloud of the passions. Then, all of a sudden, without that person being aware, it is all given back. Just as the surface of the earth rejoices at the rays of the sun when they break through the clouds, so the words of prayer are able to break through to drive the thick cloud of the passions away from the soul.

The person who benefits the poor finds that God takes care of him.

The ladder to the Kingdom is hidden within you, and within your soul. Dive down into your self, away from sin, and there you will find the steps by which you can ascend up.

Anything that is easily found is also easily lost, whereas what is found after much labour will be guarded with vigilance.

Thirst for Jesus, so that He may inebriate you with His love.

(uggh!! i LOVE this one)

Make sure you see to small things, lest otherwise you may push aside important ones.

Divine care surrounds all human beings all the time, but it is only seen by those who have purified themselves from sins and who have God in mind at every moment.


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