Music in Movies

 i love music

one day i want to do a post on the power of music in movies. how some movies (such as Bladerunner) has very little music, and what you’re left with is a series of powerful images. but the visuals tell the story. this might even be a more superior form of film making. the film’s story rests completely on the director and the actors to convey emotions and tell you what you need to feel.

but me…i love music. there’s just no way around it. the right music makes me feel…everything. it could be anger, love, happiness, sadness. music has emotions and is more than willing to share them with you. that’s why i think music plays such an integral role in movies. the right song, at the right time…cinemagic. the clip (as most cameron crowe movies do) above illustrates it to a tee. maybe more thoughts to follow…until then, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Music in Movies

  1. This was a great clip! I didn’t know the movie (had to go figure it out online), so it was even more meaningful to take cues about what was going on just based on the song, body language, etc.

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