next stop: scotland!

my aunt just got back from scotland and took some great pics. scotland has now jumped up a notch in the “places seth wants to go when he has money” list:





3 thoughts on “next stop: scotland!

  1. My wife Ferf got her law degree in Glasgow. We have spent an inordinate amount of time there and it remains one of my favorite places in the world – if you get to go, make sure you stop by the Isle of Skye. It is as close to heaven as you are likely to get here on earth.

  2. SETH!
    I have been computer deprived for a few months because of a crash that wiped out all my favorites as well as a bunch of other stuff that was even more near and dear to my heart. I have finally got myself a new Mac and am slowly rebuilding my computer “life”. I visited my own blog last night and found that you had commented on my photos and had even used one of them (which is fine, btw) and so I searched for you and here you are! And I found that you have posted two of my favorite photos from Scotland.
    Yes! you must visit — the highlands and the islands are the places to visit — the cities are fun, too, but the highlands are so beautiful and mystical.
    We didn’t get to go to Skye because the day we went to catch the ferry it was shut down due to a gas leak in the harbor. . . .:o( so we never got to any of the islands. But as you can see from my photos, the drives through the highlands were enough to fill any natural beauty quotient for a week-long trip!
    Good to find you again!
    You are now back on my bookmarks!
    more later….

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