songs i’m listening to over and over…

The Temptation of Adam– Josh Ritter (courtesy of Mainstream isn’t so Bad)

To the Dog or Whoever -Josh Ritter (courtesy of Bag of Songs)

Unless It’s Kicks– Okkervil River (courtesy of Open Your Eyes)

22: The Death of all RomanceThe Dears (courtesy of The Pelican’s Perch)

Night Windows– The Weakerthans (courtesy of stereoscope)

Your Rocky Spine– Great Lake Swimmers (the world forgot)

She Just Wept– Starsailor (courtesy of man behind electronica)

Boy With A Coin– Iron and Wine (courtesy of kgb v2.0)

Elephant Gun– Beirut (courtesy of uberdrivel)

Postcards from Italy– Beirut (see above)

Darkmatter– Andrew Bird (courtesy of Panda toes)

Fiery Crash -Andrew Bird (courtesy of the glorious hum)

A special shout out goes to andrea, for introducing me to three of the bands on this list (GLS, Starsailor, and Weakerthans)


6 thoughts on “songs i’m listening to over and over…

  1. hi there…just discovered your site (i’m a friend of a friend of andrea’s). :) your post has introduced me to andrew bird–can’t believe i haven’t heard him before. i’ve introduced him on my blog now as well. thanks!

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