i’ve been re-reading some charles williams today and am still tying to wrap my mind around the idea of loving our neighbors and how that directly corresponds on how we view our neighbors.

we view everything in reference to ourselves. who, what, how, and why we love others and things is all in reference to ourselves. to quote derek when talking about charles williams’ Descent into Hell…”But another character, in juxtaposition, falls in love with this younger woman, but she spurns him, so he gets visited by a demon in the form of her, but he knows its a demon, but he doesn’t care because she’ll do whatever he wants…whatever HE wants…he uses himself as a reference point instead of acknowledging that she’s a real person, and simply tries to please himself by using this demon. Basically he loves himself, not another person. He looks into a mirror and doesn’t even see the image (ikon) of God in himself; he doesn’t look to another person and see the Ikon of God in that person.”

this directly corresponds with what anthony bloom said in a previous post, particularly “For we only see what we love.  (and what we tend to love is ourselves.) We think we see what we hate, but really in our hatred we see only deformed images, caricatures.  And indifference and lukewarmness are blind.”

what i’m picking up from this is that the only actual reality is that of what we truly love. we’re not seeing people and things we “hate”  in their true reality. it’s tunnel vision. we don’t see the image of God in anything because everything is coloured through our self reference point.

i think this might be something worth wrestling over. or maybe i’m mis-reading everything. i’m not sure this is all gelled yet.

One thought on “perspective…

  1. I blogged about this the other day: my sister writes for a Turkish online magazine of sorts and wrote an entire article on this realization. We think of people in terms of ourselves. What would happen if we radically de-centred ourselves? Is it even possible?

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