the art of the unretirement [or how to go back to blogging after you’ve been cleansed from everyone’s rss feed]

so. i think i’m actually for reals coming back to blogging. i’ve had a lot on my mind recently, and kinda like a forum to “flesh things out”. or incarnate my words if you will. reading things that challenge me is great. but ideas and thoughts can easily get pushed aside and forgotten. so it’s nice to have something written down. it becomes more concrete. not as easy to forget.

and so with that in mind. i’m back to blogging. things will change a little here, but the overall theme will be the same. mainly “missives that enkindle my spirit”.

the first change you’ll notice is the title. this idea first sparked into my mind from fr stephen freeman, specifically his posts on “being“.  how our very idea of existence is tied to God. we can’t exist without Him. without Him all our life is a continuing progression towards “non-existence”.  with that in mind, i leave you the quote from st athanasius that fr stephen leaves:

We saw in the last chapter that, because death and corruption were gaining ever firmer hold on them, the human race was in process of destruction. Man, who was created in God’s image and in his possession of reason reflected the very Word Himself, was disappearing, and the work of God was being undone. The law of death, which followed from the Transgression, prevailed upon us, and from it there was no escape. The thing that was happening was in truth both monstrous and unfitting. It would, of course, have been unthinkable that God should go back upon His word and that man, having transgressed, should not die; but it was equally monstrous that beings which once had shared the nature of the Word should perish and turn back again into non-existence through corruption. It was unworthy of the goodness of God that creatures made by Him should be brought to nothing through the deceit wrought upon man by the devil; and it was supremely unfitting that the work of God in mankind should disappear, either through their own negligence or through the deceit of evil spirits. As, then, the creatures whom He had created reasonable, like the Word, were in fact perishing, and such noble works were on the road to ruin, what then was God, being Good, to do? (2.6)

urp…read the rest of fr stephen’s thoughts on this. they’re great and give you something to chew on. other than that…

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