rainer maria rilke

Everything is far

And long gone by.

I think that the star

Glittering above me

Has been dead for a million years.

I think there were tears

In the car I heard pass

And something terrible was said.

A clock has stopped striking in the house

Across the road…

When did it start?…

I would like to step out of my heart

And go walking beneath the enormous sky.

I would like to pray.

And surely of all the stars that perished

Long ago,

One still exists.

I think i that I know

Which one it is-

Which one, at the end of its beam in the sky,

Stands like a white city…


One thought on “lament

  1. Rilke. He was the first poet that really got through to me. And I have to say, he still does more than anyone else (though Robert Frost is gaining on him a bit).

    Two for two with the poem posts. Keep ’em coming. I love it.

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