fasting by itself is not a virtue. it is nothing at all. without prayer , it becomes a bodily punishment that induces spiritual aridity and bad temper. the same is true of prayer; without fasting , it loses its power along with its fruits.

we may like  fasting to a burning coal and prayer to frankincense. neither has value without the other, but together, the sweet savor of their insence fills the air.

fasting calms the impulses of the flesh and quenches the fire of passion; it curbs the prattling of the tongue. thus, it substantially prepares us for the work of prayer and the release of the spirit from slavery to the flesh. in the way, fasting allows the spirit to contemplate the truths of eternity and the age to come.

the following constitute spiritual meanings for fasting:

-fasting is not a deprivation from certain kinds of food, but a voluntary abstinence from them.

-it does not humiliate the flesh, but refreshes the spirit

-nor does it fetter or imprison the senses; it releases them from all that hinders the contemplation of God.

-fasting does not seek to repress the appetite for food. it renounces this appetite and , in renunciation, elevates it to relish the love of God.

-fasting does not imply confinement or restrictions, but aims at joy and magnanimity of heart.

-matthew the poor


One thought on “prayer+fasting…

  1. This is great. I love the comparison to coal and incense.

    (I’m going to lift this for a future Bright Sadness post. Cheers.)

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