lay your burdens down…

the world can distract us from God in our prayers. but when we are worried about something and unable to encounter God in silence, we often try mistakenly to put our worry out of our mind, as if it were a barrier between us and God. we think it wrong that anything else could claim our attention when we are in the presence of God.

i thing that often we could encounter God by sharing our worry with him instead of trying to push it aside. we ought to present it to God in detail but with precision and sobriety. we should present it as  a mother brings a child to a doctor she trusts. we should say to God, “this is all i can talk about to you at the moment. you who know everything look at my problem, understand it with you own understanding.”

when we have thus offered a person or a situation to God, we should be able to become detached from it. this requires faith and the ease with which we can detach ourselves from a care, is the measure of our faith. if we can say, “Lord now i have told you everything, my heart is peaceful and i can rest in you. ” if our heart is really at peace, if our mind is really freed from worrying, then our faith is complete. we have laid our burden at God’s feet and now he is carrying it on his broad shoulders.

let us be encouraged by the story of the monk who was praying for his neighbors and who gradually lost consciousness of the earth because he became so wrapped up in God and who then found all his neighbors again in God.

it should show us how easy it is to encounter God when we are troubled, if we offer him our troubles in true charity, not in selfishness. for he is the God of history, he created us, he became man in the fullest and most painful, richest and poorest sense of the word to save us and bring us to him. by our prayer of compassion, we should be as involved in the human situation, as Christ was by his incarnation. we should engage in action which supports our prayer and makes it truthful. prayer without action is a lie.

this is the fundamental nature of intercession.


One thought on “lay your burdens down…

  1. i should have known it was mr. bloom by the run-on sentence that nearly forms the entire last paragraph…

    i love it so much, thanks for sharing this.

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