[untitled III]…

in a grave they laid thee,

o my life and my Christ:

and the armies of the angels were


as they sang the praise of thy submissive love.

who will give me water

for the tears i must weep?

so the maiden wed to God crieth with

loud lament,

that for my sweet Jesus i may rightly mourn.

i am rent with grief,

and my hearrt with woe is crushed and broken,

as i see them slay thee with doom unjust;

so bewailing Him His grieving Mother cried.

dirges at the tomb

goodly joesph sings with nicodemus,

bringing praise to Christ who by men

was slain,

and in song with them are joined the


ev’ry generation

to thy grave comes bringing

Dear Christ, its dirge of praises.

death Himself by thy Death

o my God, hast thou slain

by power of thy Godhead

grant thy Church peace,

and thy flock Salvation,

by thy resurrection.

-st ephraim the syrian

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