questions answered…

The lord bids us love Him with all our hearts

And all our souls-

But how is it possible to love Him

Whom we have never seen,

And how may we learn

Of this love?

The lord is made known by His effect

On the Soul.

When the lord has visited her,

The soul knows that a dear Guest

Has come and gone,

And she yearns for Him…

And seeks Him…

With tears;


“where aren’t Thou, my Light?

Where aren’t Thou my Joy?

Thy trace

Is fragrant in my soul

But Thou art not there

And my Soul yearns

For Thee,

And my heart aches,

And is sad,

And nothing rejoices

Me because I have grieved my Lord

And He hath hidden Himself

From my sight.

I know now, Lord,

Why You utter no answer.

You are yourself

The Answer.

Before Your face

Questions die away.

What other answer would suffice?

-st silouan and mr cs lewis


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