Guerilla Orthodoxy

Sampson from Guerilla Orthodoxy has returned to posting and I for one couldn’t be happier. Go check him out for updates and please read his archives. He has great stuff on what our relationship with the poor should look like.

From a recent post:

I think many of us are looking for precisely this. We are not looking for another volunteer opportunity. We are looking for a tribe, a community, a group of people with whom we hold values and a vision of the world in common, with whom we can share, not just work, but cooking and laughter, washing dishes, working in the garden together. We are seeking a sense of belonging, a connectedness that overcomes the isolation that has been imposed upon us by race, by class, by gender, and by a thousand others meaningless distinctions, the ways by which we size up others and say, “like me” or “not like me.”

I think there are many, many people out there who are still looking for their tribe. Some of you have been looking for years.


One thought on “Guerilla Orthodoxy

  1. – Great site

    I think it wasnt easy to post here so much information.

    Best Regards


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